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Create Protective Barriers with Specialty Roofing Installations

Prevent water damage to your home with specialty roofing installations in Dallas, TX. Innovative Roofing provides Class 4 impact-resistant roofing products and a broad range of other services at competitive rates. Using high-quality materials, we provide durable roofing installations and repairs that last. Please contact our roofing company to discuss your roofing needs.

Specialty Residential Roofs

Specialty roofing is both attractive and durable, so it is the ideal choice for homes. We offer fast and dependable installation of the most popular specialty roofing options such as:

Residential Roofs

Take fast action if your house has an indoor leak or another sign of a roof problem. We can fix the damage and restore your roof’s integrity with a residential specialty roof or a residential composite roof.

Commercial Roofs

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, which makes them susceptible to damage from water collecting on them. We use state-of-the-art materials to protect your structure from extreme weather and to withstand various types of damage. Available options include:

House With Grey Roof
Grey Roof
Replacing The Roof

Other Roofing-Related Services

You can complement your roofing by requesting gutter installation that directs water off your roof and away from your foundation. We can also add carports that protect your vehicles from elemental damage and patio covers that make it comfortable for you to relax and entertain outside.

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It is what the client or customer gets out of it…” ~ PETER F. DRUCKER